MoonSlayer, High Fantasy graphic novel. Updated every Monday.

Cursed from birth by a vengeful moon goddess, a feisty princess must master the art of battle and the lore of the gods if she wants to challenge her fate.


  • Young Alherani

    Anthology + Sketchbook news!

    Sorry for the unexpected domain expiration. Problem from my hosting ¬¬ They didn’t renovate it, even when I paid for it months ago. Besides… ENJOY OUR NEW FORUM! – And comment your thoughts with me! 😀 Anthology News! Well… Here you have some new images of Alherani! I’m working on her side story for the SpiderForest Anthology… View Article
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  • inku


    Ok *deep breathe* This is a hard decision for me but my health + real life absorbed all the time I had for updating the comic. Read here for more info about my current status. And I tried -oh yes!- so hard to keep updating. But time flies and I cannot finish the pages on time. And… View Article
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New in the Gallery

Young Alherani

The original look of Alherani/Henna, before she was punished by the queen.

Alherani Portrait – Sketch

Alherani / Henna portrait. Indian ink + white pencil + alcohol markers + sakura white gel pen

Syrma Portrait – Sketch

A Syrma portrait. Watercolour graphite + white watercolour + sakura white gel pen