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  • Dethklok89

    This is a very nice webcomic for sure. The art and the story are superb. However, I would recommend getting a proofreader, or someone who would catch those little language slips that appear in the comic every now and then. otherwise, good work!

    • MonicaNG

      If you find any typo or something let me know ^_^ I can’t translate like a pro (a friend do it for me) 🙂

  • Sable

    ch1-18 has a typo. Middle right panel is missing a verb in the second half of her speech.

  • MysticJanus

    Panel 2: Syrma: “Why did you change? You said that…it’s dangerous!”
    Panel 5: Okay, explain yourself… You didn’t wink?”

  • i taking it winking is teleporting

    • MonicaNG