• Turin Turambar

    You should’ve made Iris into a High Priestess card. With the kind of high quality art you make for your other website, you could probably design an entire tarot deck.

    I think the Waite deck is still a pretty cool tarot, in some ways. The pictures tend to be spookier than others I’ve seen, because they’re from a distant time. I wouldn’t be surprised if your artwork could capture that same feel.

    • Thanks so much!

      The high priestess is not the card I have in mind when I think about Iris. She was a great queen and a mother, also had a lot of knowledge, but she also was very egoistic and thirsty of power. Is very difficult to classify to not kick out other characters…

      The Queen of Cups was my card at the Webcomics Tarot so I used the immortality symbol of her potion. ^^

      • Turin Turambar

        Oh, ok.

        I really don’t know much about the Iris character yet, so, I was just guessing. I thought that a high priestess (or, The Empress) might be closer to a goddess than a queen. But, of course, she was a queen before that.