November 17, 2014

“An arrow to the heart, a single stroke to his head… and your beloved guardian will fall like a leaf.”

We love you, Henna.

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The comic of this week is LaSalle’s Legacy by Bukittyan. If you like pirate stories this webcomic is for you! 😀

LaSalle’s Legacy is settled in a world of “Thirteen Seas” a fictional world inspired in our own in the days of piracy, so you would find lots of funny references! When I read this comic I found it very similar to my 7th Sea RP campaigns! x3

As a curiosity, Lasalle’s world has an ancient God named Kaeso (yes). A god of Wind. And MoonSlayer Kaeso has a wind-sword! :D~

— Sinopsis: On a world similar to our own, Jonathan LaSalle meets his bastard brother, Jared, who reveals that their father had a very unsavory past. Part of that past is Rijik Van Heissler, a pirate turned zombie who is seeking vengance for past wrongs. Jonathan and Jared must work together and learn how to kill this zombie before he can kill them. But time is running out for both of them…


  • Turin Turambar

    Somehow, I doubt that Menkar would go down that easily.

    • Yeah, but that is the only way to slay a grey dragon 😀

    • Apvogt

      Skyrim taught me one thing: one does not simply kill a dragon.

      • Turin Turambar

        I’m waiting to see when this dude finally change into one. I want to see if he’s, like, man-size or full-size.

        • He changes in chapter 1, and carry Syrma in his hands 🙂

          • Turin Turambar

            I must’ve been reading too fast …though, I do think that I remember some picture of him with wings, but, still looking like a Man.

          • Maybe. It’s on the same page =D http://moonslayer.monicang.com/comic/ch1-17/

          • Turin Turambar

            Oh, wow. I totally forgot that. Thanks for saving me from having to search.

  • Apvogt

    When and where did Syrma get those claw gauntlets that she has on the cover?

    • Next chapter! =3

      • Turin Turambar

        I assumed that they were part of her, like the antlers on her head. Now, I wonder whether that’s just a headdress, too.

        • Henna’s “antlers” are part of her, and they grow in every scene. 🙂 you will see that at the end of this chapter 😀

          • Turin Turambar

            Do you mean that they’re not, actually, antlers?

          • They are more like… branches =3

          • Turin Turambar

            That was my first impression.