November 25, 2014

…Be quiet, little child.

The comic of this week is Chirault by Varethane.

Chirault follows the adventures of Teeko (a young girl who gets shrunken to a doll size by a spell) and Kiran, a demon hunter who has a special connection with trees (and is also a demon). Together they start a journey to reverse the spell, but they get involved in more complicated issues with the mage guild and a stolen artifact.

Chirault is traditionally drawn with inks and has a wonderful art!! 🙂

I’ve spoken about it before and its successful KickStarter. We made it! Woooh!


  • Apvogt

    I have to say that Syrma has an excellent point here. She has what, slightly less than a month to live?(I forget) Time is of the essence now.

    • Turin Turambar

      I know, Right? And, What’s with this disrespectful “Shut up” “child” stuff, all of a sudden? If I were Syrma, then, as soon as I become the moon I would turn Henna into a squeaky toy, with big rolling eyes.