December 22, 2014

What will you do, Henna?

The comic of this week is From the Machine by Duskglass. An amazingly drawn fantasy comic flavoured with steampunk.


A runaway supersoldier winds up serving as a bodyguard to a bard who loves telling stories but doesn’t believe in any of them. Together with a pyromaniac pilot, they go on poorly planned adventures! Meanwhile, a weirdo who talks to trees is sidetracked from his Mysterious Quest when he meets a kid with strange powers and decides to protect him from the people who want to use him as a living weapon. But a lot of suspicious people are up to no good, and nothing is quite what it seems….


  • Francisco

    No, that doesn’t looks suspicious at all! Who’s his master and what’s his game?

    • Turin Turambar

      Her game: The moon.

  • Francisco

    Just reading that again and I realise that what’s-his-name may have put his foot in it: If there is nothing that she can threaten his “master” with if they don’t keep up their part of the bargain then she may come to think that there’s little risk in not going along. After all, if they are going to betray her anyway, she doesn’t have to play ball with them.

    • I love when the readers share their theories =3