December 29, 2014

And this chapter ends.

Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy New Year 2015! See you next year!

As many of you should know, Inkblazers will shut down in February. So now I will lost my comic mirror any all the money income for my comic. This site gave me a nice amount of money every month for update it every week so… now I don’t have incentives for update MoonSlayer regulary. I will give preference to other paid projects before. So if you want to help this comic (and me), please support it in Patreon. Every amount counts! You have exclusive content and commissions for the higher pledges. And the printed book is coming! 🙂


  • Turin Turambar


  • Ruyh

    You coludidos John hivecomics

    • Uh?

      • Ruyh

        Ohh fuck i didnt notice
        I meant like
        You could join Hivecomics
        Ok i think i discovered what happened im in vacations in Mexico it seemsthe autocorrect corrected could to coludidos i have no idea what that means

        • hahaha ok, thank you! 😀 I’ll take a look.