• Apvogt

    Yes, claw gauntlets.

  • Turin Turambar

    I think MoonSlayer has been slain…

    • No. =) Please, read the blog.

      • Turin Turambar

        Oh, you’re taking a break until summer. Alright. Looks good.

        • I have to prepare lots of things for the printed edition 🙂 I’m currently finishing the new chapter 1 inks 🙂 I want to return sooner, but Summer~July seems to be a realistic date.

  • anon

    tbh im still waiting patiently for this comic to come back bc i love it so much

    • Thanks a lot for your patience. <3 We'll be back soon! 🙂

  • Siva Smith

    June is almost over; July will soon begin.
    I hope to see a panel soon, full of story win.
    However, should it happen that it’s slow to show its glory,
    Then I will just content my self and read some other story.

    Have fun! 🙂

    • Lovely!

      I’m fighting right now a wrist tendonitis, but I hope to return soon…