February 23, 2012


  • Absolutely gorgeous art! ^^

  • ExPaladin

    “Syrma”… That sounds like “Surma”, which could mean death, murder or doom.

    • That’s so… Convinient!

      No, really. It’s so cool. The name comes from the star of Virgo.

      • ExPaladin

        In Finnish mythology, Surma is a huge, dog-like creature that guards the gates of Underworld against any escape. There’s a Finnish saying, “joutua surman suuhun”, which translates as “to fall into the maw of Surma”. Surma’s very name is synonymous with sudden and certain death.

        • Wow, I have to read more about Finnish myths, because the parallelism in this case is so interesting! I love to play with different myths to create stories and still there are lots of traditions I have to dive into.
          Thanks for the notes! <3

          • ExPaladin

            Oh right. Surma is also used as a verb: “surmata” = “to slay”. And “slayer” is in the title of this comic. If translated into Finnish, the title of this comic could definitely be: “Kuunsurmaaja”. (Kuu = Moon)

          • Really, your notes are making my day! I’m so fortunate to receive such quality comments like yours! This definitely needs something in return! <3

          • ExPaladin

            You’re welcome. Glad it made you happy. 🙂